A wonderful journey with Karina and Boris

A wonderful journey with Karina and Boris

Karina and Boris have been good friends of ours and we were thrilled when we heard that they were taking their relationship to the next level…

The wonderful journey began when Boris reached out to me one day, sharing with me his plans to propose to his beloved Karina. He really wanted a custom engagement ring that is unique and unlike any other.
He had some ideas in mind and wanted me to come up with something similar combining those elements, but instead of using traditional diamonds, he wanted me to source lab grown diamonds, for both the main centrepiece as well as the complimenting stones.
Lab grown diamonds have grown so much in popularity in recent years because of obvious social and environmental reasons, they’ve become a popular choice for modern brides.
And in the case of Karina - who is actually the founder of handmade natural soaps - Soap Yummy - this is just extremely fitting because this sweetheart is a true environmentalist!

From the very beginning, Boris had given me clear indications as to how he wants his diamond to be in terms of the 4Cs. That made it easy for me of course. I was surprised he really did his research!

Finding a good lab grown diamond isn’t a difficult task when you know the right suppliers to go to. I am extremely lucky to work with a reputable gemstone company in Hong Kong who have been in the business for decades and who now has a sector specialising in lab grown diamonds. I was delighted to find Boris a beautiful sparkly diamond that is IGI certified, all with the same composition of a real natural diamond and completely guilt free - an absolute beauty.

Prior to creating the actual ring in 18K white gold, I suggested on making a mock up ring for Karina with sterling silver and cubic zirconias for the proposal first. This is my own personal recommendation for engagement rings to ensure the sizing is right. In case there are any changes needed after the proposal, I can then make the real thing in the perfect size.

The proposal went very well to say the least, and Karina loves her ring!

To be involved in the creative collaboration process with a couple while they search for their dream ring is very beautiful and special. It’s the part I enjoy the most and truly an honour for me.

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